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Brake replacement, servicing and repairs in Crawley

At Webber Motor Company, we supply, fit and repair your van or car brakes at affordable prices. We’re specialists in ensuring our customers are safe, ensuring their brakes are working properly at all times. If you’re having issues with your brakes, we can help to find the cause. Once we’ve inspected your vehicle, we’ll provide a quote that will help get you back on your way.

Do you need brake repairs?

It’s often difficult to tell if you’re specifically having brake issues or any problems are related to something else. As your car works as a complex system, signs of brake repairs could also be issues with the tyres or alignment. That’s why it is really important to take your car to your local garage to find out exactly the cause. If you’ve noticed any issues, we can inspect your van or car for you and find if there’s anything going on with your brakes.

How much does it cost to get my brakes repaired or replaced?

Brakes are one of those vital components on your vehicle that will inevitably need replacing. As it’s quite a common thing to have your brakes repaired and parts such as your brake pads and brake discs replaced, it’s not a huge expense that you have to worry about. At Webber Motor Company, we offer fitting for all makes and models of vehicles. We offer a full brake test to identify the exact cause of any problems and will then provide you with an accurate quotation of how much it will be.

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What happens when my brakes are damaged?

Because your brakes are used every day, over time they can wear down. This can massively impact your safety. This is because they might not work as effectively, which can affect your stopping time, particularly when it comes to adverse weather conditions. In addition to this, you may notice certain noises, juddering or rear wheel locking when you brake. Even if you’re not sure what to look out for, it’s important that if you are worried you get your brakes checked. They’re a vital component to your safety.

How do I know my brakes need replacing?

Brakes do show signs of wear and tear when they are not working properly, other than a noticeable loss of efficiency there are certain things you can look out for. This includes squealing noise when braking, brakes juddering when applied or your wheels also pulling to one side. Grinding noises can also be signs that your brake pads have worn down. If your brake pedal is hard and high or your rear wheels are locking when applying the brakes then it could be a sign you need brake replacements.

How do I book any brake repairs?

In order to book your brake repairs with us at Webber Motor Company, you can book online or contact us over the phone. Either way, we can provide you with a price for inspection and then will give you an accurate quote when we know the exact cause of any issues.

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