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Full repairs for exhausts, silencers and emissions cleaning

If you’re looking for a Crawley garage where you can get exhaust repairs or part replacements for your cars or van, Webber Motor Company can help. We provide a huge range of exhausts to fit most makes and models of cars and vans. Not only this, but our team are dedicated, qualified, friendly and on hand to help.

Getting some sound advice

When it comes to your exhaust, you may notice there’s an issue if it becomes a little noisy. Modern vehicles run smoothly and fairly quietly so it can be a little worrying when all of a sudden it starts making a horrendous noise! Loud roars and rattles can be a sign of your exhausts conditions. With Webber Motor Company, we can help take a look at the issue and provide advice when you’re having problems. Further to that, we can give accurate, no obligation quotations when we’ve found the problem, so you can make an informed decision.

Are you having an exhaust emergency?

At Webber Motor Company, we have a wide range of exhausts in stock to suit all the most popular makes and models of vehicles. We have great relationships with quality suppliers to ensure that we can not only get the best parts, but we can get that at competitive prices too. If we don’t have the right exhaust for your system, we can have it ready and fit within the hour. We keep you in the loop each step of the way, so you know exactly what’s going on with your car.

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Does my exhaust need repairs?

Your exhaust goes through a lot of strain over time, and constant wear and tear. Particularly if you drive on shorter locations, it doesn’t have enough time to heat up and moisture can keep in your system. This can cause further rusting and corrosion over time, which, if not fixed can cause holes in your exhaust or cause it to collapse. Furthermore, your exhaust silencer might need replacing or repairing as well as emissions in your exhaust being the cause of problems. When you’re experiencing issues that aren’t right with your car, it’s really important that you get them checked out. Further damage down the line can really impact on the cost of repairs, so getting a minor issue sorted earlier on can be really useful.

What signs do I need to look out for?

When it comes to your exhaust, signs you should look out for can be fairly obvious. Loud roars can indicate holes in your exhaust from corrosion, so you may need a replacement. A rattle can mean that the exhaust pipe has come lose and a tinkling sound can be a sign there’s an issue with your silencer. In addition to this, your car’s emissions need to meet environmental standards to be roadworthy. This can be reflected in blue or black smoke, normally from diesel vehicles. Alternatively, your exhaust may need a clean to keep it in working condition and to meet MOT standards.

Booking your exhaust repairs

In order to book exhaust repairs, replacements or inspections you can book online or contact us during opening hours. We can help with any issues you’re experiencing. Even when it isn’t your exhaust that’s the problem, we can help you find a solution and get your vehicle back up and running.

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