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From oil changes to major car servicing in Crawley

Looking after your vehicle doesn’t need to be a hassle. If you can keep on top of your service history as well as getting your yearly MOT, it’s likely your vehicle will last a lot longer. Regular maintenance and servicing ensure that you not only get a better performing car, but you can also save money on your fuel and repairs. With Webber Motor Company, we guarantee you get a quality service that keeps your car at the top of its game.

Specialist oils and parts

We provide quality servicing for your vehicle, but sometimes specific models will need specialist oils and parts. We’re happy to do this for your vehicle, but it may incur a surcharge. We include up to 4L of standard synthetic oil in your service, so if you require more or another alternative, we’ll always advise you of any additional costs before going ahead.

Full, interim and major servicing

If you’ve ever wondered what the difference is between your servicing, we can help. If you’re not sure what’s right for your vehicle, we can help determine which service is right for you. We’ll look into your car’s history your specific vehicle uses and your car’s mileage and age to ensure that you get exactly what your car needs when it comes to your service. After all, your car service is supposed to ensure that your car runs smoother and your parts last longer. At Webber Motor Company, we make sure that it all becomes true.

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Regular servicing for a longer lasting vehicle

Every garage, manufacturer and mechanical engineer will recommend getting a regular service to your vehicle. This is because it massively impacts the extent of the life on your vehicle. A service doesn’t just top up vital lubricants and fluids and check when you need replacement parts, it’s a full inspection of your vehicle for enhanced performance and to check for any deterioration or repair before it becomes serious. Like anything, spotting a minor repair and fixing it is a lot cheaper than waiting and having to repair major damage. Whilst many people think that a service is a money-making gimmick set by main dealers, it actually reduces the cost of repairs over your vehicle’s life and reduces the risk of any breakdown. This leads to less time that your vehicle stays off the road, less inconvenience and less expense in the long run. Not only this, but you can save on fuel as well as being less likely to be in an accident.

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Getting your service can be a little inconvenient, which is why we don’t want booking to be. That’s why we’ve given you the chance to book online anytime using our online booking system. Feel free to contact us still during working hours, but we know you’ve got a busy schedule. Our booking system means that you can book with us no matter the time of day. You won’t pay until the work is done, in case of additional repairs, but you’ll get a full confirmation you’re all booked in at the time you choose.

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