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Tyres suited to your vehicle in Crawley

With Webber Motor Company, we don’t just make sure that your tyres are in good condition, we help to fix, find and fit quality tyres to your vehicle, no matter what make or model we’re working with. When it comes to your car, your tyres are one of the main components that keep you rolling along. That’s why it’s so important that you get quality, long-lasting tyres that keep your safe.

Tyres to suit your vehicle

When it comes to your MOT or service, we make sure that your tyres are fully inspected to ensure they meet the correct tread depth and condition as well as ensuring that your wheels are aligned at the right angles for enhanced performance and handling. If you need your tyres changed for any reason, we ensure that you get tyres that suit your vehicle down to a tee. We do this by matching the quality of your tyres, the tread and fit including any manufacturer specifications. If you’d like us to choose for you, we recommend tyres within a premium, mid-range and lower budget so you can get what suits you. If you know exactly which tyres are right for you, we’ll supply them in for you. If you’re not sure but would like to hunt around, we can find you a solution through our Webber tyres website, so you can compare prices and solutions. Whichever method you’d like, we’re more than happy to help.

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Fitting your tyres

Once you’ve chosen the right tyres for you we can fully and accurately fit it specifically to your car. We take into account not just your tyres, but the rest of your vehicle too including your wheel alignment and balancing. Our prices come inclusive of all parts, labour and VAT so you know what to expect. If there’s anything that pops up along the way, we’ll always inform you first before going ahead with additional repairs.

3D wheel alignment and tracking

At Webber Motor Company, we continuously invest in the technology and equipment to ensure your car repairs are efficient, accurate and of a good quality. When it comes to your wheel alignment, we provide 3D image alignment through the use of state-of-the-art digital cameras. This makes sure that your car’s wheels are angled for optimum performance and handling. It uses reflective targets to make sure that we can check your wheels, which is included in our regular service. The only additional repairs in your service come with any adjusting or repairs. If you’re not sure about wheel alignment, look for uneven tyre tread or your car pulling to one side. If you’ve noticed those, chances are you’ll need a check. We check your wheels for free, so make sure you’re safe and get it looked at.

Booking your tyre replacement online

When it comes to your tyres, you might not know when they need replacing. Getting a regular service or MOT will help you know when they need looking at, but sometimes they might need a little attention. Whether you’ve got a puncture, your tyre tread is looking low or you’re worried about your MOT or service, you can book a visual inspection of your tyres with Webber Motor Company. We’ll make sure your tyres are checked over and we’ll recommend any repairs if they are needed for your tyres. When a replacement is required, we’ll ensure you get quality tyres to suit your vehicle. Book online today or contact us for more details.

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